Differences Between a Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv and a Chain Hotel

If you are thinking of booking a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv instead of going for one that belongs to a hotel chain, then good for you. Boutique hotels are a great choice when it comes to accommodations for a lot of good reasons. To show you why boutique hotels are a better choice than those that are part of a huge chain of hotels, here are some of the key differences between these two choices:

Boutique hotels allow you more privacy

When you choose to stay in a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, or anywhere else for that matter, you will find that the intimate setting and the smaller number of rooms give you more privacy. This is because there are fewer people for you to run into.

Boutique hotels have more personalized service

Another great thing you will find with these smaller hotels is the level of personalization that comes with their service. This is due to the smaller number of guests that they cater to. While there are some hotel chains that do offer a similar level of personalized service, this is usually reserved for return guests or for VIPs.

They have more charming settings

The one thing a lot of guests love about boutique hotels in Tel Aviv is the interiors. Whether you are talking about the rooms or the common areas of the hotel, these are often more charming and warm than the larger chain hotels that you can also find in this locale.

You get to enjoy the local flavors of the area

Boutique hotels are known to give their guests a taste of what life is like in the area. From the food to the décor to the way you are treated, the local flavor is there. This means you get more of a cultural experience when you stay at a boutique hotel than in a chain hotel.

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