Bulgaria for metalist travels

Metallists who want to visit Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria
Sofia besides being the best city in civil Europe (almost the best it has been so far) is a real place to spend it with tough, good metal. We followed the last column of Ginger Amorphis earthworks and disappeared to insight.

Adams Rock Bar

super super cool place to just drink (no food at all) of an aging metalist and really nice !!! A local pub apart from us. The entire pub is a club for tables and metal football enthusiasts. Beers at the very low price, nice people and lots of black metal for infusion and what’s in between.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Bar and Club

If you’ve moved to a casino and have more money to spend you can always go to Rock and Roll. A favorite tourist pub for people who don’t hear any harder metal of its kind than Rock Rock and below. A shelter for a relatively high price of 2$ per beer (this is an exaggerated price in Sofia) but we fell 1 + 1 beers in the evening so we were fine.

To the metal collectors

if you came to the Central Cathedral on Alexander Nevsky Street. Continue towards the clothing store down the street (no entrance to the pedestrian street near the cathedral found anything but the old and tourist shortcuts)
It’s a cool little store that sells mostly musical equipment, but they have a pretty good selection of records, discs, and shirts at reasonable prices
Example: Murdoch records we found at $ 10-20 per record, $ 2-10 discs, the long shirt of hypocrisy – $ 15.

Beside that

  1. For the Blakers we built, take a bus from Central Station and head to Rilla Monastery. Leave the monastery itself to go behind the mattress in the direction of the creek president and discover a very old Gothic cemetery and walk in the woods (you have 3 hours to burn !!)
  2. Don’t forget to catch up on the MIXTAPE 5 and Arena performances.

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