What to Do if You Visit Barcelona, Spain

You will definitely love Spain if you love having adventures. Spain has many beautiful cities and if you are going to vacation there, you should definitely go and check out Barcelona. You will love all the exciting sites and activities that this beautiful city of Barcelona has to offer to you.

If you visit Barcelona, you will want to have adventures and these are the events and things you can do while in that beautiful city.

The city of Barcelona is known for its many, many festivals and they hold one special festival each year at the Contemporary Cultural Center. This happens during the last weekend on April through the first weekend of May. The different genres of Asian Films will be shown for everyone to see at this festival. Prizes are given to the best films in different categories. Of course it is very exciting to watch films from different continents so you will enjoy this festival a lot.

Another place you can visit while in Barcelona is the magic fountain at Montijuice. The fountain is really old and it first sprouted in the 1920's; you will definitely want to check this out. During night times in the summer, they put up lights on the fountain to make it light up for everyone to see. You definitely would not want to miss this sight if you are in the city of Barcelona because it is a very, very beautiful sight.

If you are in Barcelona in April, you might want to check out the yearly tennis matches at the Real Club de Tenis. All the best tennis players come to this event so if your favorite tennis player will be there, then why not go and watch them play.

In Barcelona you can also get a feel of what Brazil is like. You can join the Brazilian festival that is held in the Museum of Contemporary art every year. You will be able to experience what art in Brazil is like if you attend this festival; you will also see Spanish art and a lot more.

The Poetry Festival is another activity in which you can participate in and you will get to meet all the wonderful poets from around the world. You can choose to read poems, join workshops and a lot more when you attend this festival. All the people in Barcelona joins this yearly poetry festival. If you love poetry, you can join the whole crown reading and participating in these events.

You might want to check out the concert series that takes place at the Palau de la Musica every year. If you are in Barcelona at the time this series is out and you attend this yearly concert, you will get to hear the wonderful Barcelona classical music and you can thank yourself for deciding to vacation at the beautiful place of Barcelona, Spain.Source: The Spain Event

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